The Seagram Building in the Heart of New York City

In case you wish to tour in America to view the New York City skyline, you will definitely be impressed by this vital innovative design skyscraper. It stands out as a building that anyone should go out of his or her way to visit.

This is a picture of the Seagram Building in the Heart of New York City

The Seagram, 515 feet tall building is an excellent example of both modernism in architecture and functional aesthetics. It is a sleek black structure with a total of 39-storey building mostly cited as a masterpiece of functional aesthetics. The person behind this architectural elegance is Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. He erected this majestic building back in 1958.

The Location of the Seagram

The Seagram which is the finest example of a skyscraper in an international style is located at 375 Park Avenue found between 52nd street and 53rd street in downtown Manhattan right in New York City.

The Unique structure of the Seagram Building

Seagram is a classical granite plaza. It consists of alternating tinted glass with bronze plates. It, therefore, becomes the first bronze colored skyscraper in the world. The quality of the materials used to erect this structure is very high. Both the tinted glasses and the bronze I-beams applied all the way up the building.

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The Playful Dunmore Pineapple Building in Scotland

Perhaps you are looking for the best place for your holiday stay in Scotland then definitely is the playful pineapple Dunmore building. It is a cool historic castle you should not miss to visit. Scotland is a home of some of the world’s most impressive works of architecture. One of them is this intricate and bizarre summer house built in the shape of a pineapple back in 18th century in central Scotland. It was built in 1761 by an esteemed architecture, The 4th Earl OF Dunmore, John Murray. It is both strange and beautiful and amazing at its sight open to the public as a holiday destination.

this is a picture of the playful dunmore pineapple building in scotland

History of Dunmore Pineapple Building

This majestic building was originally a garden and summer house. Later on, the giant iconic pineapple was added. The lower-storey was built in 1761 while the pineapple part at the top in 1777. John Murray made this structure to function as a viewing platform to enjoy the scenery. The Earl of Dunmore went a step ahead and instead the whole building in the form of a huge pineapple. To the locals, a pineapple was a simple of wealth, hospitality, and good taste. Hence John Murray chose it as an architectural symbol.

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The Grand Lisboa in Macau, China

this is an image showing the architecture of grand lisboa in macau china

You wish to have a fantastic time, fun, enjoyment, and relaxation in Macau, China? Then visit the Grand Lisboa erected at the heart of the city of Macau. This will give you have a memorable stay for it is a perfect spot in paradise boasting of its extreme popularity both locally and internationally.

The grand Lisbon has been a good destination for many travelers in China since its creation. It is such an amazing building in the city with a unique shape that will amaze you regardless of how you travel. Whether as an individual, a couple, a family or a group this 47-storey building, erected in the 1960s will be a perfect home for you, highly recommended by travelers in China as a testament to extra ordinary elegance.

The Amazing Things About the Grand Lisboa

The architectural design of this building is quite amazing, being the only complex in the world with four starred restaurants and fourteen others under the same roof. As a result, the Grand Lisboa in Macau, China holds a reputation as the Asia’s finest Hotel and Casino.

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Bruder Klaus Field Church, Germany

A solid little house of prayer worked nearby agriculturists on the edge of a field. Concrete is thrown around a gathering of 120 tree trunks, cut at a nearby backwoods and gradually consumed. The careful game plan of the trees, tear or leaf made the Oculus that gives the main direct light to the little dull space.  It was authorized by rancher Hermann Josef Scheidtweiler and his significant other Trudel and to a great extent developed by them, with the assistance of companions and skilled workers on one of their fields over the town.


Swiss designer Peter Zumthor designed the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel. The Bruder Klaus Field Church started as an outline that in the long run advanced into a slick perspective while fundamental in the regular scene of Germany. The outline was finished by neighboring ranchers who needed to respect their supporter holy person, Bruder Klaus of the fifteenth century. The structures can have a lovely hush that connects with properties, for example, self-control, self-prove, strength, neatness, and trustworthiness and with warmth a building that is acting naturally.

this is an image of the bruder klaus field church in germany

Structure and Facts

The initial phase in this Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is riding trunks that covering should persevere through later strengthened cement. The solid was poured by Manteca Concrete, the formwork without totally conceal the 44ft high, intruding on the spill a couple of meters before the best and leaving the tips of free trunks, similar to a wigwam. Along these lines, for evacuating the inward formwork, trunks that once expanded leaving a space that is the correct negative of a similar shape are scorched.

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Aqua Tower Best Architecture Building in the World

this is a picture of the aqua tower

A challenging bit of engineering for The Loop region, Aqua falls off more as a huge figure than as a private square in the swarmed heart of the city. The plan was propelled by the striated limestone outcroppings regular in the Great Lakes zone. In any case, this crooked shape is not only an unimportant formal signal but rather it is additionally a system to expand the perspectives and augment sun oriented shading. What’s more, by taking a gander at the plans we see a sane structure, consistent with the Mies heritage in the city.


The outline for Aqua utilizes design to catch and reinterpret the human and outside associations that happen all the more normally when living near the ground.  Strategically chiseling the state of each floor piece offers agreeable open air porches, where neighbors can calmly and easily interface when coveted, and also the perspectives of Chicago milestones, exploring sight lines around the corners and through the holes between existing structures. The general plan is the combined after effect of reactions to particular states of thickness, condition, and utilize.

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The Best New Buildings In The World You Should Travel

The world has so many incredible architectures which at its visionary best engage, enlivens and arouses. Such buildings leave will leave you nearly speechless and mesmerized at their view.

Today’s architectural monuments are not meant only to be admired from far on pictorial but rather should be visited. Actually, the buildings enlisted here, you will not just understand them until you are over, under, and around them.

Here is a compilation of some of the new and best buildings to travel to. When you visit these buildings you will be overwhelmed. Arbitrary as they may seem, they will allow you to tell a story of modernism’s power on the ways in which we experience the space around us.

Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates

This is truly an impressive building that you can enjoy marveling at for hours. While traveling towards this building you can be able to see it 95 kilometers away. Apart from being one of the best buildings in the world, it is also said to be the tallest building ever to be constructed in the recent times. It boasts the highest mighty club, observation deck, swimming pool, and restaurant. It is 2717 feet high.

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