The Seagram Building in the Heart of New York City

In case you wish to tour in America to view the New York City skyline, you will definitely be impressed by this vital innovative design skyscraper. It stands out as a building that anyone should go out of his or her way to visit.

This is a picture of the Seagram Building in the Heart of New York City

The Seagram, 515 feet tall building is an excellent example of both modernism in architecture and functional aesthetics. It is a sleek black structure with a total of 39-storey building mostly cited as a masterpiece of functional aesthetics. The person behind this architectural elegance is Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. He erected this majestic building back in 1958.

The Location of the Seagram

The Seagram which is the finest example of a skyscraper in an international style is located at 375 Park Avenue found between 52nd street and 53rd street in downtown Manhattan right in New York City.

The Unique structure of the Seagram Building

Seagram is a classical granite plaza. It consists of alternating tinted glass with bronze plates. It, therefore, becomes the first bronze colored skyscraper in the world. The quality of the materials used to erect this structure is very high. Both the tinted glasses and the bronze I-beams applied all the way up the building.


Why You Should Visit the Seagram Building

The Seagram Building is an amazing modern building and it makes sense to make a trip there. It is a building with a lot of architectural significance so much that all architectural giants say that this is a land mark construction and a ‘forerunner’ in both glass and steel age. Though it is not the tallest in New York, it still sets very crucial standards for the American architecture. It stands out as New York’s finest example of modern-day architecture.

this is an image of the seagram buidling at the heart of new york city

It is a lot remarkable about this structure. Talk of the sculpture outside its front on the Park Avenue which is quite inspiring. This structure is a stroke of a genius. Quite impressive indeed

The pool of water beside it provides it with a nice aesthetic counterpoint more so for photography. Hence, if you are a lover of photography, you should at least reach to this scenic place. It is not only very interesting from the architectural view but also a charming building to visit.

The Use of the Seagram

The Seagram is a home of large business. It stands out as a home of four season restaurant for meals and it as well serves American cuisine. For sure as a traveler, you will wish to avoid the lunch time crowds by making your way to this historic building. The building also hosts the Seagram gallery on the fourth floor.

This is a must to visit and see work of architecture especially for architectural fans and all people who love to see amazing sceneries. So in case you have to go through midtown New York, please stop over and see this marvelous masterpiece. It is a nice place to stop and rest. What a beautiful launching spot in New York.

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