The Playful Dunmore Pineapple Building in Scotland

Perhaps you are looking for the best place for your holiday stay in Scotland then definitely is the playful pineapple Dunmore building. It is a cool historic castle you should not miss to visit. Scotland is a home of some of the world’s most impressive works of architecture. One of them is this intricate and bizarre summer house built in the shape of a pineapple back in 18th century in central Scotland. It was built in 1761 by an esteemed architecture, The 4th Earl OF Dunmore, John Murray. It is both strange and beautiful and amazing at its sight open to the public as a holiday destination.

this is a picture of the playful dunmore pineapple building in scotland

History of Dunmore Pineapple Building

This majestic building was originally a garden and summer house. Later on, the giant iconic pineapple was added. The lower-storey was built in 1761 while the pineapple part at the top in 1777. John Murray made this structure to function as a viewing platform to enjoy the scenery. The Earl of Dunmore went a step ahead and instead the whole building in the form of a huge pineapple. To the locals, a pineapple was a simple of wealth, hospitality, and good taste. Hence John Murray chose it as an architectural symbol.


The Structure of Dunmore Pineapple Building

This elegant building is set about as a two-storey. It contains double bedrooms with sleeping quarters build either side of the pineapple. The ground level is slightly elevated to the rear end. The pineapple top is 45 feet above the walled garden. It has been entertaining visitors for a long time since its creation.

Its location

this shows the architecture of the playful dunmore pineapple building in scotland

In case you wish to experience an unforgettable holiday, then visit this elegant pineapple house. It is placed in a serene, enjoyable and beautiful environment of wildlife, woodlands, and rivers. The house stands one mile north of the village of Airth and seven miles East of Stirling. The best entry is from the end of the town of Airth which is easily accessible either on foot or by car. For those traveling from Edinburgh, it is only one drive. Buses run regularly from Stirling and Grangemouth to Dunmore. On arrival, you will have to pack your car at the Pineapple car park then stroll down into the house. You will first meet nice gardens at the front of the building.

Why Dunmore Building is So Special

This is an unusual architecture for Scotland, with a beautiful landscape, gorgeous flowers and a great place for children to stretch their legs with all the amazing view. Actually, for those who have visited this building, apart from entertaining them, it has always encouraged debate and opinion. It is unique. While at Dunmore, you will enjoy a perfect view of river Forth and the surrounding Ochil hills.

Indeed the Dunmore pineapple is an exceptional example of fine stonework work full of both artistic detail and technical merits. It provides whoever visits it with a taste of the local culture. What a beautiful place to stay.

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