Bruder Klaus Field Church, Germany

A solid little house of prayer worked nearby agriculturists on the edge of a field. Concrete is thrown around a gathering of 120 tree trunks, cut at a nearby backwoods and gradually consumed. The careful game plan of the trees, tear or leaf made the Oculus that gives the main direct light to the little dull space.  It was authorized by rancher Hermann Josef Scheidtweiler and his significant other Trudel and to a great extent developed by them, with the assistance of companions and skilled workers on one of their fields over the town.


Swiss designer Peter Zumthor designed the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel. The Bruder Klaus Field Church started as an outline that in the long run advanced into a slick perspective while fundamental in the regular scene of Germany. The outline was finished by neighboring ranchers who needed to respect their supporter holy person, Bruder Klaus of the fifteenth century. The structures can have a lovely hush that connects with properties, for example, self-control, self-prove, strength, neatness, and trustworthiness and with warmth a building that is acting naturally.

this is an image of the bruder klaus field church in germany

Structure and Facts

The initial phase in this Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is riding trunks that covering should persevere through later strengthened cement. The solid was poured by Manteca Concrete, the formwork without totally conceal the 44ft high, intruding on the spill a couple of meters before the best and leaving the tips of free trunks, similar to a wigwam. Along these lines, for evacuating the inward formwork, trunks that once expanded leaving a space that is the correct negative of a similar shape are scorched.

this is an image of the bruder klaus field church in germany

Oculus: The undeniable directional of divider drives the eye upward to the point where the rooftop is interested in the sky and night stars. The magnificent architecture of the opening controls the indoor atmosphere in the church. Both daylight and air and rain to enter the opening and make a particular domain or experience in view of the time of day and season.

Perforations dividers: Sunlight enters the house of prayer through little holes are situated in the solid dividers. These boreholes with steel pipes and used to pass the components that held the inward formwork abroad before being scorched were later secured with little sides of the equator of blown glass that give a specific flavor to the point where the light enters and was fundamental because of air streams that began inside the sanctuary. With no infrastructure such as electricity, the simple concrete chapel gets all of its light from the hole in the top where the tree trunks once met and through countless stainless steel pipes.


The Bruder Klaus Field Chapel is also called “Bruder Klaus” and a straightforward cross shape is scratched over the entryway.  The building provides for guests who need to make a journey to the sanctuary are welcome amid working hours to come to adore as they might want, in spite of the fact that they shouldn’t be amazed on the off chance that it is an outsider god that answers their prayers.

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